Tuesday, 30 August 2011

This and that

Jack is in respite tonight and tomorrow. His seizures remain the same so I am just waiting to hear from the Neurologist to discuss the new epilepsy medicine.

I am a "sad little fairy" according to Holly. Fairy is her pet name for me because I am small and dinky (in her eyes) and I remind her of the little people like Leprechauns, Fairies and Sprites! Funny funny girl. But she is right, I have struggled to smile this past week as the stress has been getting to me a bit and the huge responsibility for Jack's well being has weighed heavy on me.

I rarely think about it normally but when it seems like everything is happening at once, something has to give. So I am being kind to myself during this respite by doing very little and spending quite a few hours curled up on the sofa watching lots of day time TV and old movies.

Holly got a lovely surprise through the post this week....

Woo hoo!!!
I didn't know that they got a certificate! Holly knew but she had forgotten about it. Along with the certificate came a letter explaining that there were 3 levels to the graduation: pass, merit and distinction, so we were mega excited that she got the highest accolade. I will admit, since I know you wont tell anyone, that I did a wee dance and ran around the house whooping and hollering much to Holly and Jack's amusement.

I am getting a lodger on Friday. She is a foreign student who is coming to our local college from September to January. In preparation for her coming, I had a new carpet put into her room and had quite a bit left over. As I was going to bed the other night, I came across Holly trying to walk the length of it, trapeze like so we spent the next 5 mins having such a laugh messing around on top of it.

the poor unsuspecting carpet

the trapeze artist

I believe I can fly!!!

Oh dear, what can I say? Little pleases little minds!

One of my friends got married a week and a half ago. Congrats to Jeanette and Ian who, I think, had a lovely day.  I didn't get a lot of photos as I had Jack with me and my time was spent seeing to him but here are a few.

each table was named after a jar of sweeties...we were the Heart breakers

Balloons on the tables
Jack with his trendy neckerchief on

Glamour puss!

Double Trouble
Jack behaved himself until it came to the speeches. He waited til the Groom was half way through his speech and then he had a cracker of a seizure during which he was jerking so much that he ended up diagonally across his wheelchair, was sick and doubly incontinent. I had to take him out of the hall as I didn't want everyone to see him like that.  I took him home after, as Granny Mac was babysitting for him so that Holly and I could go back for the dancing at night.  It was a really good laugh. Good food, good company and my feet hurt by the end of the night with all the dancing!

Or was it the shoes?  Apparently they were the talk of the wedding. The photo doesn't do them justice but believe me when I tell you they were gorgeous!

The three of us just after the service. As you can see, I don't do dresses!
Have a lovely day my little gigglers.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that Jack is still having such seizures, but it is best that he is being taken care of so you can rest. I can't imagine how you do what you do and even a few minutes must be a gift to you. I am sure that they will take good care of him and maybe [praying] that they figure out how to help him.

    Those shoes are awesome, but how in the heck to you stay upright in them? I would've been flat on my face after two steps. heehee

    Congratulations to "Miss with Distinction" - how wonderful. Such talented. Please give her a hug from us!

  2. oh, oh, oh - those the shoes you have been craving?!?!?!?!?

    Bummer bout Jack - sometimes sad face is allowed out - but to give you happy face - you were talked about in Skye last week!!!!

  3. I love those red shoes...something about you, Holly and shoes that rock my world. On the other hand, I am praying for you and Jack and Miss Holly that the Neurologist will have some positive news on the new epilepsy meds. And I hope you get some more rest while Jack is in respite care. You, dear Mom are a Braveheart and I bow before your greatness!

    Lots of hugs and Loves~

  4. I have two daughters that would LOVE those shoes! To me, they look like something I would easily break my neck with! LOL But they are gorgeous!

    My favorite picture is the last one! What a lovely family!

  5. Chin up my friend.. You are stronger than you know and weather you believe it or not, are actually allowed to feel shitty about life occasionally. Mind I did say occasionally, cos we Mother's are relied upon to put on a good front and hold everyone up ALL the time! Right?!?!

    Love the shoes!

    You have a lovely family :) Better frame that one.

  6. That's awful for Jack in every way, and for you and Holly too. Great news on the cert though and lovely photos from the wedding xx

  7. Sorry you are feeling down, but totally understandable. The wedding sounds fun, but I'm also sorry Jack was ill during the reception. I pray Jack will get less seizures as time goes on.

  8. So sorry Jack's seizures are still so out of control. I know it has to be hard. I hope you're able to get some rest while he's in respite. :::hugs:::

    Congrats to Holly! That's pretty awesome! And your shoes? Gorgeous! I can't imagine wearing them myself, but then again, I can't even imagine wearing anything other than flats! I'd be wearing the floor before I knew it! :)

  9. Looks like you had fun.My granddaughter is getting married in May and sent me the exact picture of those shoes and says she wants them to wear at her wedding. Oh my, she is very artistic and I am sure she will. God bles syour little boy and you. Looks like you and your daughter had fun on the carpet.


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