Thursday, 18 August 2011

Back to normal

I got Jack home yesterday afternoon and he is still speaking to me! It was such a lovely day that after dinner we all went out for a walk. Jack showed how unimpressed he was by this by having 2 seizures, one after the other, within 5 minutes of leaving the house.

I think he thought I would turn back but once he'd recovered we just kept going. Eventually he grabbed the dogs lead and was holding on to it so tightly that Holly let go of the lead to see what would happen. As soon as the dogs realised that Holly wasn't holding onto them, they tried to move off but Jack had a good tight hold on them and he reigned them back in! He did this for about 15 minutes before he got fed up. Holly and I couldn't stop laughing and telling him how clever he was. It totally brightened my day.

He'd had a rough night in respite. Six seizures through the night and quite a few during the day so I have upped his meds again. This puberty lark is really taking it's toll on him.

London already seems a lifetime ago but our many adventures still make me smile. We met lots of different people some in particular had us laughing all the way home.

We were on the tube heading home one night when this group of older guys got on.  Holly and I had been chatting away and one of the guys started chatting to us. They were all a bit tipsy and were laughing about the fact that one of their friends who was further down the carriage, had forgotten his wedding anniversary and he was now panicking about going home empty handed.

Seconds after he had told us this, his friend spotted a young couple sitting in the same carriage and the lady of the couple was carrying a bunch of flowers. He staggered over to her and told her his sob story and offered to buy her flowers from her for £20! or even more if she was willing. All his friends were laughing hysterically as were Holly and I but the young lady, all pink cheeked with embarrassment, would not part with her flowers and kept shaking her head.

It was obvious that her boyfriend had bought them for her and nothing was going to make her part with them which I thought was so very sweet. Me, I'd have charged him £50 for the flowers and laughed all the way home! You can tell I am a Scot eh, any chance to make money! Tee hee hee.

This made our night cos believe me when I tell you that NO ONE speaks to you on the tube.

Another night we were at Piccadilly and Holly spotted these artists who were drawing people. She wanted to get her portrait done so we struck up a deal with a lovely, very colourful Egyptian man. Holly was very good sitting for the 15 mins it took and while she was being drawn, I got chatting to a lovely couple who stopped to admire his drawing. Turns out they were from Palestine and they were staying in London because their daughter had given birth to their first grandchild, a little boy. The husband commented that Holly is beautiful but her mum was much more so and I was delighted but embarrassed at the same time cos I don't see myself in that way at all, never have.

They chatted with me almost the whole 15 mins that Holly was being drawn and they were so interesting!

Then it was my turn and the artist (he did tell me is name but I can't remember it!) said this was the drawing he was most looking forward to as my face was so open, friendly and full of character.  Holly was laughing at this and winking, saying afterwards that "he really fancied you Mum!" While he was drawing me, I couldn't take my eyes off his face cos the expressions that flitted across it were quite mesmerising.  This was a true artist at work. What a character!

this was the end result
So what do you think? I think it turned out pretty good.


  1. Loving those portraits and hope that Jack's seizures ease soon xx

  2. Hi LyndyLou - so sorry to hear that gorgeous Jack has been having such a rough time of it again lately with all those seizures. I did smile at the photo of him holding onto the dogs though. Bless! What an amazing time you had in London talking to all those people! The portraits are really good. Talking on the tube reminded me of when I visited London a few years ago. I was sitting on the tube, and smiling at people like I always do, when my husband (who was working up there at the time), told me to stop smiling, or people would think that I was a bit simple! He said people just don't make eye contact on the tube!

  3. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  4. I actually like talking to strangers on the bus or wherever. People are so interesting. That is a cute story about the flowers!
    I think the drawing is fantastic! What a talented guy.

  5. That artist must have had such a great time sketching two lovely ladies at the same time. He is very talented. The sketch clearly shows how attractive you both are. I saved it to my Pinterest board. Have a wonderful friday and weekend.

  6. I think those portraits are fantastic. He's quite talented. Sorry to hear about Jack's seizures. Do the doctors forsee them getting any better? You're an incredible caregiver!!

  7. It was so delightful hearing about your visit to London. You and Holly are one beautiful Mother - Daughter pair. How lovely that portrait is. Here in the states we have places you can take your art and they will reproduce it for you. You can get it on a disc for if/when you want additional copies. That way you could make some as gifts for your family and you both could have a copy...only one original though. Just a thought as that is such a keeper!
    I'm sorry Jack is going through such a time. You all are blessed to have such a loving family to get through this with each other.

    Hope you have a great weekend...

  8. Jack is the man! And strong too! Good for him. I am sorry the seizures are not abating, hopefully when puberty ends they will be less severe?

    The picture is gorgeous, but how can it not be - look at the subject matter.

    Oh, and I would've given up those flowers too - not only for the money, but just 'cause I felt bad for the poor kid. [Really for the money tho'. heehee]

    Have a great weekend my friend - big hugs to you and say hi! to Jack & Holly for me.

  9. Hi Lyndy, Jack looks like he had the dogs well in hand!!! Sorry to hear his siezures are back with a vengenance,hope it settles for him and you soonest.

    the portraits are divine!!!

  10. Thsoe are absolutely the BEST portriats EVER!!!! I love them! You both look gorgeous!!

    Jack walking the dogs is just fantastic! Wonder if he'll want to do it again next time :)

  11. Wow! They turned out beautifully! I am in awe of people who can do that--and in only 15 minutes? Impressive!

    I would have sold my flowers too, in a heartbeat!

  12. Hi♬ LyndyLou,
    I just had time to read a little about you. Happy to know you and your loving daughter had nice time in London. WONDERFUL portriats, isn't it♡♡♡
    Hope your son's condition get better. Lovely picture.
    Hugs xoxo, Orchid.

  13. Shelly - thank you
    Looking for Blue Sky - me too :)
    Thisisme - I laughed when I read this, very funny :)
    Majid Ali - I just did :)
    Belle - so do I, you just never know who you will meet.
    Odie - oh wow, what is a Pinteres Board?
    Bouncin' Barb - no they just keep trying to control them with more drugs...ugg!
    Sush - What a cool idea.
    SkippyMom - He sure is the man and nice to know I wasn't the only one who would have sold the flowers!!
    IWBY - I hope so too
    Kellie - aww thanks :)
    EmptyNester - a girl after my own heart, tee hee hee and yes what a talent he has
    Orchid - thanks I hope he gets a bit better too


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