Thursday, 25 August 2011

Look what I've got to look forward to...

For years I couldn't get Holly to spend any time in her room. As a toddler her separation issues were at night and I would usually have to pretend to go to my bed in order to get her to sleep! By the time she was 6 things had eased up a bit but I still wasn't allowed to shut her bedroom door or the living room door as she needed to hear me going about while she was upstairs.

Then when her Dad and I separated, she became a permanent fixture in my bed until about 5 years ago when, in desperation, I bought her a double bed for her room. Finally she slept in her own bed and in the last two years has spent more and more time in her bedroom, with the door shut. WTF?

Lately, she has been coming home from school, having her dinner then either disappearing upstairs to her bedroom or shutting herself in the kitchen, singing away at the top of her voice.

Then when it's bedtime, she decides that she has so much to tell me and I am bombarded with information and stories that she just has to tell me at that exact moment.

Last night was no exception. I have been trying to go to bed earlier because I am feeling pretty exhausted so at 10pm I told her it was bed time and tramped up the stairs to my bed.

No sooner had I gotten into the room than in she comes, full of beans and wanting to talk as if her life depended on it! The first comment out of her mouth was " god, you are so small without your wedges on! You're like a Oompa Loompa!" as she kills herself laughing.

I am spluttering with indignation at this comment coming from the girl who is about 5ft 7 or so, with legs up to her armpits and who has towered over me for at least 4 years now. I am all of 5ft 3 and a half and have always hated being small! Then she added "soon Jack will be taller than you and when you lift him he will tower over you!". This is causing her no end of amusement and as I mutter under my breath she comes around the side of the bed, grabs me in a hug and launches us both on the bed.

As we are lying there giggling like a pair of school kids, I moaned that " oh god, as I age, I am only gonna get smaller and my mum's mum was a dinky little old lady and we thought she was so cute. Oh no I am going to turn into Mrs Pepperpot! ". At this point, Holly blurted out " ha ha, when I have kids, they'll have to get out of their buggy to let you in cos you will be so little by then that I'll be able to fit you in my bag!!!"

I used to love these books as a kid

As we howled with laughter at this, my face suddenly became very serious and I blurted out "oh god, what am I gonna do when I can no longer wear wedges? Aaaah I am gonna have to be someone who wears sensible shoes! I'm gonna be a frump! A little dumpy old lady ".

I looked over at Holly who is crying with laughter by this time and she stated "Mum, you will never wear sensible shoes cos knowing you, you will find a way to jazz them up by gluing jewels, flowers and fairies on them and when I visit you in the mental institution, there you'll be, a little midget, gluing things on your shoes, happy as larry".

"Mental institution? WTF?" I spluttered through my tears of laughter. "what happened to the Old Folks Home?" Seems my daughter thinks I would fit in better there!

"How did we get from "you're so small to me being a dumpy little midget who glues things on her sensible shoes"? I asked and we just looked at each other and howled with laughter. Finally I managed to get a grip on myself and said in a cutey little voice "now, about this staying in your bedroom half the night lark, I don't like it". "I miss you and I am getting lonely for your company so I suggest that you are only allowed to disappear for an hour a day up there, ok?"

"Aww Mum, your really lurve me don't ya" she said as she cosied into me.  I kissed the top of her head and said "yes, more than you know". 

I just love these moments with Holly.


  1. You two lovely lucky funny silly darling will always be there for each other! How divine!


  2. And thank you so much for sharing such wonderful, fun and heart warming moments!

  3. Oh, I'm the one who is an old midget p;)
    Yes, so lovely to have fun time like that and happy for the wonderful relationship!!!
    Lots of love and Hugs xoxo, Orchid

  4. I can just feel your love and laughter all the way here :) Wonderful!

    I must be shrinking too as I never use to have a wad of jean material bagging up around my ankles and now every pair of pants do? What is up with that??! Not to mention the disappearing waist line??!

  5. I sometimes wonder why we have a family room, living room and a den - because the kids never use any of them, except the den - because they always hang with us.

    Wallene didn't grow up sleeping with us, but as a special treat we would let her once and a while - and I have to tell you - impossible now. That kid moves around so much she would end up with her head on my chest and her feet on Daddy's. Now if she sleeps in our bed it is only with me. No room for Dad. heehee

    Hope you are having a great Thursday. [Oh, and I am 5'8 and everyone is taller than me. Sucks.]

  6. Awwwwwwwwww that was the sweetest story with loads of chuckles added in to make our day. You two are a pair & I love the way you and Holly stay close. I hope that only gets stronger as the years move on.

  7. I loved the Mrs Pepperpot stories as a kid. The other week I discovered they have re-released them and I immediately bought one on the pretence of reading it to Seth!!!

  8. These are the moments that make a family strong. It was very touching for me to read this.

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  10. Hi LyndyLou - sorry i'm late in commenting, but what a lovely heartwarming story, fulli of love, fun and laughter. I love the relationship you have with Holly. Hope you're having a good weekend. By the way, i'm only 5 ft 1, so there's no hope for me!!

  11. Those are the BEST times, giggling and just being silly! My daughter's always commenting on how I'm going to shrink when I'm old, like I'm going to lose a foot or two instead of an inch.

    So fun to hear about your giggle fest! :)

  12. Sush - tee hee hee I love that girl to bits
    Twilightgazing - you're welcome :)
    Orchid - oh well then you know the feeling ;)
    Kellie - aye it's not good at all!
    Skippymom - it's good that they want to hang with you. Kids/teens are so much fun
    Odie - I hope so too :)
    Seth's Mum - I loved those books too, so funny and Seth will love them.
    Belle - I totally agree
    Anon - thanks
    Thisisme - aaah a fellow shorty! Were you always this short or has there been some shrinking going one as you get older? LOL hope not!
    The Accidental Somebody - just wait til it's their turn! Then revenge will be ours. LOL


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