Friday, 5 August 2011

Nights out, exam results and the usual chaos

It has been another busy week.

I have managed to fit in two nights out. One was in Inverness, organised by the ladies who run the Hospice at Home service. It was an opportunity to meet some of the other mums who use the service. It was a lovely evening, the meal was superb and the company was great.

The other night was a Trivial Pursuit night at my sister's friends house. I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it as I am not a lover of that kind of games. The reason for this is that I was always led to believe by my ex (Father of the Year) that I was not very clever and he was often telling me that I didn't know what I was talking about. The one and only time I have played trivial pursuit before was with him and I don't think I moved on that board once cos he was so clever that he didn't get a question wrong!

Fast forward to last Saturday night and I was a bit nervous bout this game cos I make a point of avoiding board games like the plague but after a glass or two of wine, I relaxed. No one batted an eye when I got a question wrong so I started to enjoy it and I WON!!!!! I was so chuffed that I did a wee happy dance much to their amusement.

I totally, at this point, in my half pissed state, had to resist the urge to phone up Father of the Year and gloat down the phone. Imagine that? Nana nana nah nah. I know childish but what can I say, he brings it out in me.

To add to the fun, there was a prize. A trivial pursuit necklace and earring set. Woo hoo.

you can buy them here
My bathroom is taking so long to finish. I finally got some wet wall around the shower and some flooring but the shower is still not usable so I had to take Jack up to the respite unit for a shower yesterday. I had been giving him bed baths and had struggled to wash his hair with him lying across the bed and his head hanging over but it wasn't really getting it clean at all. I can tell you that in my opinion he felt better for it but by the grumpy look on his face afterwards in the car on the way home my boy was not amused. His expression during the shower said it all. I mean wtf? What a cheek I had showering him, a teenager at 4 o,clock in the afternoon. For god's sake woman, I am a boy, I like to be dirty!!!!

Holly took this photo of him in the car on the way home.....
he is being propped up by a cushion under one arm
My boy was so not amused! Holly and I were in hysterics. I kept telling him that he smelt gorgeous but he didn't take me on.

So the bathroom now looks like this.

I have flooring!

and wet wall

and no more facings on hall opening

They have widened the hall opening by taking off the chunky facings and now I am waiting for a plasterer to come and make it look pretty! That could be quite some time.....Grrr. On the plus side it means that the hall opening is now the same width as all the other doors that I have to get Jack's chair through so that should be a huge help.

Holly got her exam results yesterday and she got an A in Higher Drama, A in Higher English, B in Higher Art and a C in Higher Business Management. She failed her maths which we kind of expected but she is delighted with the results and so am I.

I am trying to get the house in order cos Kathy and Emma are coming to look after Jack next week while Holly and I are in London. Holly is going to the West End Theatre summer school for the week and on the Sunday she gets to perform in Her Majesty's Theatre in the West End. She is so excited and she will be working hard from 10-5 each day with Saturday off and I will get the opportunity to meet up with a few friends.

So it's crazy here as usual. Have a great day my little gigglers.


  1. Have a great time in London. Any sight seeing planned???
    London Eye brill.

  2. Your bathroom is making progress. Hope London is terrific for both of you-

  3. Congrats to both you and Holly! Such exciting news about the game and the grades. YAY

    And London sounds like a wonderful time. Tell Holly I said "Break a leg." :D

    Hopefully when you get back you will have a complete bathroom - it is looking good & promising tho'.

  4. Looking great in the house and I am so glad Holly is pleased with the results of her testing even if the math was a bummer.
    You really had me going with the story about the board game, winning and wanting to call "him" and let him have it. I really wish I could have seen that little dance you did. That story made my morning for sure girl. Have a great rest of the week and say Hey to Holly & Jack for me.

  5. Hey shorty :)
    The bathroom is coming along!! too slow though I know ......

    Ohh games are supposed to be fun ,your FOTY obviously missed the fun genes!! So glad you own AND had fun :) Half pissed is the best way to play these things...try pictionary half pissed hahaha

    oh have fun in london, good luck to Holly, am sure she will be great. good news on the exams too, congrats.

    ohh Poor jack, he does look discombombulated :) in his photo ( i love this word) He will be glad when the disruption is over too. will it be finished in time for kathy and Emma ?

    p.s have not had email from your sister yet.

  6. Hi LyndyLou - hey, hope you and Holly have a lovely break in London next week. No wonder she is so excited about the theatre thing. Please tell her from me WELL DONE on those great results. All the hard work paid off! Poor gorgeous Jack doesn't look wonderfully happy in that photo, does he?! I do hope that the bathroom gets finished soon, so that Jack can have a lovely shower at home again. Have a good weekend and enjoy next week my friend.

  7. What a cute picture of Jack! I'm so happy for you that you'll have so much more room to maneuver in your bathroom! What a relief that will be!! :)

  8. I think you lead the busiest life, full of everything and all in between! Glad you won the trivial pursuit game and you're gonna rock that jewelry!


  9. On behalf of Kathy and Emma, the bathroom better be ready, or else!!! lol. We can think of lots of mischief to make in your absence L & H!!!!!! Be afraid, very afraid heeheehee xx

  10. That is great about winning Trivial Pursuit! I'm sorry it is taking so long for your bathroom, but it is wonderful you can now get Jack's chair through.

    Fantastic grades for Holly! And to think she will be acting in London! Wow, that is just so exciting.

  11. Huge Congrats to Holly and hope you have a fabulous week in London xx

  12. Thank you very much for following me☆☆☆
    And I've noticed I hit the 100th of yours. Such an honor♬♬♬
    Hope we can enjoy our new relationship.
    LOVE from east, Orchid.

  13. LyndiLou, seeing another blog follower made my day as I have been feeling very sad, and your post made me laugh : wanted to call father of the year na-na-na-na-na. You go girl, and I hope you get your bathroom back soon. God bless you and your family.

  14. How fun that you made it out and about two nights in one week! I can just picture you na-nahing the X and rubbing it in! Great idea for the prize :)

    The new bathroom has really come along. Maybe it'll be done by the time you retrun from London?

    Hope you and Holly have a wonderful trip and Jack has a peaceful spell while you're away.

  15. That toilet looks so lonely without anyone on it.

    Bouncin' Barb directed me over. Can you mail me a kilt?

  16. Julie - no gonna take it as it comes
    Shelly - yes it is at last and it was brilliant
    Skippymom - lol thanks and bathroom not complete yet but getting there
    Odie - tee hee hee it was a victory dance for sure!
    IWBY - hey girl yes I definitely think he missed the fun gene! Luckily for me my two kids have it :) I love that word too just never knew how to use it!
    Thisisme - I will definitely pass that on :)
    Judy - it sure will, the bathroom looks huge now!
    Sush - I know, think I should slow down sometimes but life keeps getting in the way!
    Anonymous aka Emma - ha ha your funny! I am cracking the whip, honest!
    Belle - a lot of excitement all round and can't wait to see her on the stage in the west end.
    Looking for Blue Sky - thanks, will do
    Orchid - wow I've never been anyone's 100th follower! Yipee!
    Linda O'Connell - aww I am glad I cheered you up!
    Kellie - I know, party animal me ya know! LOL
    Powdered Toast Man - I know...eek!
    As for mailing you a kilt, I would need at least all your measurements first;) lol


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