Sunday, 13 June 2010


This is supposed to be a weekend off for me. Jack goes into overnight respite for a weekend once a month and by the time that time comes around I am usually exhausted! Got a phone call early this week saying they are short staffed and have no cover for Saturday night so I had to take Jack home on sat. Luckily they managed to get cover til 8.45pm but I still lost out on a night's break.
Same thing happened last month, it is so unfair as you then can't plan anything in case they cut your weekend short again.

Caring is not like a normal job, your working hours consist of 24 hour days, 52 weeks a year and days off are rare and can be cancelled at short notice and you don't get them back at a later date!

Getting a babysitter is a nightmare as they have to specialized and able to give cpr, rescue meds for seizures, be familiar with PEG feeding, see to all personal care and have training in VNS Magnetic therapy! Think I am looking for superman/women don't you? No just another me! lol

That weekend is so precious to me as it is the only time that my life is "normal". Any other time my life revolves around Jack's disability and trying to be a good parent to Holly at the same time.

Today (Sunday) I am just sitting doing nothing as I am so tired I don't wanna move lol

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