Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Karma is a beautiful thing.

On the wine tonight, felt the need to partake of a few glasses.

My ex husband gets married next week. This is his second attempt lol. Last date was the 17th April and all was going to plan until first he had technical problems with the plane from Angola to London. Finally he arrived back in Aberdeen bout 9pm and got home to Elgin late. Was up again at the crack of dawn on the 15th April, with his parents to fly to Azerbijan where his bride to be was waiting with baited breath but they didn't bank on a volcano erupting in Iceland!!!

First I knew about it was when I was putting Jack on his bus to school and I passed the living room, the tv was on and all I caught was that all airports were at a standstill.

Well you can imagine that I was imagining all sorts....terrorist attacks the works.

When I got back to the tv I'd missed that item of news so I flicked to sky news and there it was on nearly every channel.

I couldn't breathe and I could hear the laughter bubbling up from the soles of my feet and before I knew it I was collapsed on the sofa laughing my ass off! Every time I tried to stop it would start again and I found I couldn't stop laughing enough to text all my family and friends with this hilarious turn of events. There were tears running down my face and I was snickering and snorting, I was a right mess but oh god I could not get a grip!

Eventually I gave up and plonked myself on the sofa and proceeded to laugh hysterically every time they moved the time for the first available take off from any uk airport. I managed to calm myself enough to call the ex's parents to ask if they were affected by this!!!! Oscar performance or what! Note: I was sorry for them and their daughter, just not their son!

Anyway, I finally dragged myself away from the tv to get dressed before the kids came home and when Holly arrived, she took one look at me and we both creased up laughing! and it continued like that the rest of the day and into the weekend. I can honestly say my ex hasn't made me laugh this much in such a long time! If only he knew.

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