Thursday, 17 June 2010

Carers Week

Carers Week 14th-18th June

I never understand why they have weeks dedicated to different things. Who decides these things? And why? It's not like it changes anything for the people involved. Now if you told me that Carers Week meant that you were given a week away to be pampered and spoilt for all your hard, lonely, poorly paid work then hey I am up for that! ONLY, of course, if they then arranged for the person you cared for to be looked after for that week too while you were away.

I have been a carer for 12 years now and this is the first time I have been to one of these events. Ours was held in the Town Hall. I went with a friend whose child suffers from Autism. We both felt like a fish out of water really as we were about the only people there who a)was young (ok young ish!) and b)looked after a child.

Everyone was very friendly and a very healthy lunch was laid on for us. An older man, named Hugh came and chatted to us. His wife has Dementia and he said he found it really hard going at times but that he had quite a bit of support via the various Carers Support Groups and he was on quite a few carers forums as well.

I take my hat off to him for being so involved in forums etc as it is a fairly big commitment on top of the 24/7 job he already has looking after his wife!

After lunch, we were treated to a performance by the Out of Darkness Theatre Company. It basically was a distraught carer who was being introduced to representatives from the relevant agencies who could help her. The people from the agencies were not actors but they bravely got up and explained what they do to this actor. Unfortunately some people couldn't hear and were getting a bit stroppy which added greatly to the entertainment!!!

At the end of the performance the audience could question the relevant agency reps and oh boy it got quite heated at times!! Thank god for the lady at the front who was fielding the questions otherwise it would have got way outta hand! lol I was a bit naughty and put my pennies worth in when they were talking about carers assessments and wound up the row of people in front of me when I said "that it was not worth the paper it's written on!" Well that is my experience anyway.

The question time was quickly drawn to a close before all hell broke loose which was a shame as it was just getting interesting!

We were then free to wander round various stalls which were dotted around the hall and we ended the day with a spot of Healing. The lady who was working on me told me that my body is exhausted and when could I come and see them on a Tuesday night? I wish! It obviously had an affect as I had the best sleep in a long time and you can't complain about that.

All in all it was an ok afternoon. Did it make me feel less burdened with my responsibilities? No but it certainly entertained me, just maybe not it the way it should have! lol

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