Monday, 14 June 2010

A rare lie in

Had a really good sleep. Woke at 7 and got Holly up as she had to be at the town hall for 8.45. She is in a play today called The Shop, about a teenagers decent into the murky world of drugs. Lovely! lol

Went back to sleep til 11.30 then lept into action and took the two dogs (one labradoodle and one cross between a golden doodle and a labradoodle......I know the mind boggles!) for a long walk in the woods.

Then straight to respite to pick up all Jack's stuff and get an update on how he was last night. Home now, unpacked all Jack's stuff, quick phone call to Granny Mac to see if she will babysit Jack tonight while I go to see Holly in her play.

Granny Mac is 71 but is the only family member I have who can look after Jack and give meds, deal with seizures etc etc and I really appreciate her help but hate asking as it is always the same person I ask! She is my ex's mum.

My own mum died 4 years ago this month and she was an amazing woman. My dad helps out but not sure how to give meds, feeds etc so it's usually only for an hour or two in between feeds and meds. I really appreciate his help too.

Dogs are now lying out cold at my feet and I am having a late lunch before Jack gets home from school. The house is like a bomb hit it but ce la vie :-)

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