Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A show, a birthday and alcohol....what more could I want?

This post was going to be all about a friend's wedding but I am having trouble uploading all the pics so that post will have to be for another day.

Tomorrow Jack is supposed to be going into hospital in Edinburgh for an operation on Friday. Tonight he has been coughing a lot and has a wee bit of a temperature. I hope to god something is not brewing cos I have been nursing his jejunoscopy tube along for months now and it started to fall apart on Monday night.

The tubes only last about 6 months therefore it needs replacing and I truly don't want to put it off so he needs this operation for a fundoplication done, sooner rather than later, so that we can get back to gastrostomy feeding again.

Hopefully he will be a brighter boy tomorrow and we can go ahead as planned.

This week has been pretty hectic as Holly was in the show Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat. I took Jack to see it on Wednesday night, along with Holly's boyfriend David and Jack's carer, Marion.

The show was amazing! I just don't know how they managed to get all those kids on stage at once without any major mishaps. Holly was one of the narrators in the show so was only off stage twice so it was a bit full on and by the last show, she was exhausted.

She did manage to stay up til after midnight on Saturday night so that we could all toast her on her 18th birthday.

Kathy getting ready to toast

James (party animal)  with his champers

Erin (swirly chair ninja) enjoying her tipple

Jacqui reluctantly getting her photo taken 

Emma and Mark the Newlyweds
Holly and David before they tasted the Champagne

and after!!!!

Yes as you can see both Holly and David do not like the taste of alcohol! The reason the last photo is so fuzzy is cos I was laughing so much at the faces they were making that the camera shook.


  1. Hope Jack is feeling better :-)

    Congratulations to your friends getting married. And Happy Birthday to Holly!

    Received your post card. When I turned it over and saw the back, I'm pretty certain the neighbors heard me laughing! Really made my day! Thank you :-)

  2. Fingers crossed for Jack, and great that you have a pair of teenagers that don't seem to like alcohol, that species doesn't seem to exist in Dublin! xx

  3. Happy Birthday to a most special young lady. She is looking great and I hope her day was as wonderful as she is. She deserves it. :)

    Squirrel accidently sipped Champange once instead of her glass of apple cider and made the exact same face. She is 20 now and still has no desire for bubbly or any type of drink. She wonders how anyone can stand the taste. heehee I used to love a glass to celebrate or a beer on a hot day, but I have to agree with our young ladies on this - it really does taste icky when you get down to it. heehee

    Best wishes for Jack. I hope it goes as planned and he is home soon. How did he like the show? I bet he is very proud of his big Sis too. Always nice to have a cheering section in the audience.

    Have a great rest of the week Lyndy. Try to take a moment for you, 'kay? Hugs and love my friend.

  4. Great post and pictures. The only problem is that none of them had Lynne in them.
    It was certainly a time for celebrating so it was good to see so many participating. Hope all goes well for Jack tomorrow. Take care and keep us posted on his progress.

  5. Happy Birthday to Holly! :)

    Praying all goes well with Jack's fundoplication and that the fever and cough are nothing, so that the surgery can happen.

    Stay strong!

  6. Did I tell you I loved the postcard yet? Well I do! and thank you!! Hoping everyone is feeling better and ya know I still make that same face when I drink Champagne :)

  7. Did I tell you I loved the postcard yet? Well I do! and thank you!! Hoping everyone is feeling better and ya know I still make that same face when I drink Champagne :)

  8. So THAT'S the excuse for the fuzzy pic? Not the fuzzy you drank? LOL! Again Happy Birthday to you and Holly...she is such a fantastically talented and gorgeous young lady!
    Praying all goes well for Jack and he gets the attention he needs.

  9. Happy Birthday Holly! The most amazing 18!

    Hope Jack gets to feeling better and is able to have his operation come Friday.

    I've been having problems uploading pictures as well, very irritating!

  10. Happy 18th birthday to Holly. A very special young lady! I pray that Jack's operation will be able to go ahead tomorrow, and that he will make a good recovery. Hugs.

  11. Hope your precious is feeling better and all is a go for the surgery- and that it goes perfectly! I love the photos! Made me feel as though I was there too! And it was FUN!

  12. CatAndTheCoffeeCup - I am glad it made you laugh!
    Looking for Blue Sky - I know, it is totally shocking but in a good way!
    SkippyMom - Jack loved the show, was full of smiles throughout :)
    Odie - I know, that's the problem when you are the one behind the camera :(
    Confessions of a Closet Hoarder - Thanks I am trying :)
    Hey Monkey Butt - You are very welcome, glad you liked it
    Sush - lol well it was a bit of both really ;)
    Kellie - I know it's driving me crazy!!
    Thisisme - Thank you x
    EmptyNester - It was great fun, not every day your baby is 18


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