Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hello there

It's been such a busy week and I feel worn out!

Jack didn't get his operation after all. He was fine the day after his temp was up and laughed most of the way down to Edinburgh. We arrived exactly at 2pm but it took us about half an hour to find a parking space. After we (Granny Mac and me) got Jack settled the surgeon came to see us.

He explained that there was a shortage of intensive care beds available and that they wouldn't know until 8am the next day if a bed would be there for Jack after his op. If there wasn't one, then no operation.

I was gutted to say the least. What with his tube falling apart and holding it all together just to get to this moment, I just felt so damn exhausted all of a sudden. Then the surgeon caught sight of Jack's cast and I really thought that the operation was definitely not on the agenda just by his reaction. Apparently Jack's legs need to be up on stirrups for this operation with the surgeon operating between his legs. Not easy to do with a full leg cast.

I never for a moment thought of that, especially since I had checked with the orthopaedic consultant at the time he'd broken his leg so you can imagine that my heart just sunk. Thankfully he is a very inventive surgeon and once he saw the range in Jack's hips and realised that the other leg doesn't straighten either, he decided that he could most likely work around it. Phew!

The next morning, the ward called to say that the surgeon was already on the ward looking for us so we high tailed it up there only to be told that two emergency cases had come in overnight and therefore Jack's operation was cancelled. I know it can't be helped but I was so hoping for it to be all over by now and for us to be getting back to some sort of normality before the sunnier days. Don't you just hate it when someone moves the goal posts???

Drumochter Pass -  on the road I drive through to get to  Edinburgh

I text Holly to let her know that we would be heading back later that day and she called me straight away crying as she was off school, feeling pretty awful and sorry for herself. When I'd left her she had been fine. What a difference a day makes! The drive home was uneventful. We got back home about 5pm on the Friday. Getting Jack out of his chair I noticed that his tube had split again and had come out by about a foot.

Trying not to panic, I gently slid it back in and phoned Edinburgh Sick Kids straight away telling them that if it had been displaced, then I would be heading back their direction in the morning. Having improvised and taped it together with sticking plaster, I was on tenter hooks the rest of the night, watching and waiting to see if he was going to vomit his feed but it seemed my worry was unfounded.

Instead Jack's breathing was rattly and he was coughing up yellow stuff so I called the doctor who came out and prescribed antibiotics. I had two kids coughing, sneezing and feeling sorry for themselves and I felt like Florence blinkin' Nightingale by the time the day was through.

By Monday night things had improved but then Jack's tube came apart again and I'd to replace the sticking plaster. I didn't sleep much that night, worrying about it so the next morning I called Aberdeen Sick Children's and was told to bring him in that afternoon so they could take a look. They told me to be prepared for him to have a general anaesthetic if need be. So off we went (Jack, Granny Mac and me) back to that dreaded place!

Jack having a nap on his bean bag, oblivious to all my stress! 

I decided that we weren't staying so I didn't bring any supplies with me so if they'd wanted to admit him they would have had to do it without all his meds etc. Tee hee flies on me ya know!

Luckily, after lots of scratching of the head and looking at x-rays they got a surgeon to have a look and he fixed it in 5 mins. I was sooooo impressed. So much so that I told him "that I was so relieved that I could kiss him!". I didn't but hey that's how happy I was!!!

Now I know how to fix it, I have relaxed a bit. Just as well cos I cannot keep up this level of stress any more! I just need a little quiet, is that too much to ask?


  1. Oh, sweetie, you know a little quiet is more than you're allowed. We all want peace and we don't get it no matter what our situations are. When Jack laughs, I bet it's music to your ears.


  2. That is absolutely NOT too much to ask! Not at all! I was thinking all through this post that you just never catch a break. You put the energizer bunny to shame my friend!

  3. The only thing that comes to mind that I can offer you is ((((HUGS)))). You are an amazing woman and no it's not much to ask!

  4. Glad the nimble doc was able to repair Jack's tube with minimal fuss.

    Hope both kids are feeling better too!

    Good thing you are so damn tough~ Sure know that some days you wish you wouldn't have to be so strong though. Wishing you the best and some rest soon!

  5. We are "all" praying that all 3 of you will get a real break with some peace for a change. It is so long overdue. At least you found a doctor to get this emergency taken care of. Hope you have a much improved week ahead.

  6. I don't know how you do it, you are just so amazing I doubt I would be able to cope/manage as well as you do

  7. I don't know how you cope with all this either my friend. And you still manage to look so HOT! I just wish that father of the year would step up to the board and take on some of it for you, but I guess that just ain't going to happen, is it? Doesn't he have a conscience at all. I don't know how he can live with himself. Anyway, you are doing sterling work yourself, but I just wish you could have a bit of a break and a rest from it all. Prayers still being said for you all, and let's hope that Jack can get his op sooner rather than later. Good job you've got Grannie Mac on your side! Take care and sending hugs your way. Do hope that Holly is feeling much better now.

  8. Glad things went ok.
    But i still say we get Lou to hijack an ITU bed for ya!!

  9. I can't imagine how how hard it has been to go through all this. My hopes and prayers are for you and your children.

  10. Gaw so much to go through there. Well wishes your way :/

  11. I was so hoping that things would calm down for you please? xx

  12. Gosh, you have been through SO much! So glad you got Jack's tube fixed, must be very, very worrying. Fingers crossed that the op happens soon :-)

    xx Jazzy

  13. Dearest LyndyLou,
    Oh, too much things happening for you and I DO agree with others!!! How worrying this must have been.
    Yes, I DO hope you will be able to have a bit of relaxing time☆☆☆
    Thinking about all fo your family!!!

    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  14. thanks, very good =)


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