Monday, 23 April 2012

Tea boy of the week

When I was at the Chas at Home ladies night last month they told us about their Tea Boy of the Week.

Apparently this idea came about because, well, we all know how boring it is watching a kettle boil don't we? So they came up with the idea of having a handsome man to look at while they waited.

We all had to come up with names of handsome men to add to the list which was a real conversation starter and a really good laugh. I was telling them about this musician I had seen on the TV that morning but I couldn't remember his first name but I could remember his last name. So the next thing we were looking him up on the net and when his picture popped up on screen I had all the ladies who were hovering, gasping! One lady told me that I had very good taste, which made me laugh!

Anyway, this is him......

David Garrett - violinist

I would listen and watch him play all night hot hot!

It was decided that the Chas workers Sue and Yvonne would share their Tea Boy of the Week with us mums who were happy to leave their email address. Anyway, the first weeks copy of Tea Boy of the Week consisted of Tom Hardy (Holly's favourite actor) with a little pic of David Garrett just for me off to the side.

So I stuck it on the wall behind my kettle....

So that I could admire and ogle at every opportunity! Then Holly's boyfriend came to stay for a few days over the holidays and he made me endless cups of tea during that time so I had my very own, real life version of a Tea Boy.

I asked him to let me take his pic for my blog but he was a bit shy at first but then my charm wore him down!

So here he is my little gigglers, the best Tea Boy ever!!!

Tee hee hee. Me thinks Holly is a lucky girl.


  1. I must say I like Holly's BF better than the musician. Have a wonderful rest of the week and say hi to Holly & Jack for me.

  2. OOOboy, did I walk in at the wrong time! Just dropped by to thank you for the postcard. What a gorgeous scene! I've been to one castle- in the middle of Ohio, built by a Civil War Vet. Not where you expect to see one, but neat nonetheless.

  3. What a brilliant idea this teaboy thing is. As for David Garrett - yep! you've got good taste!! Aaaw, Holly 's boyfriend is gorgeous and so cute. Bless! That was very brave of him , letting you take his photo!! Hope everything goes well for Jack's operation. Hugs.

  4. Dearest lyndylou,

    Oh, what an lovely idea and I love both of the violinist and Holly's boyfriend♡♡♡
    They are equally charming♪♪♪

    So sorry for my absence to your blog but all of your family are in my thoughts!!!

    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  5. Well, now...I think that is an idea that needs to be imported! Holly is doing very well to have such a kind hearted and great looking tea boy of her very photo fake for her!
    Fun post, Lynne...hope you are getting some rest and fun in these days!

  6. Hell of a good idea! And what a cutie Holly's boyfriend is :)

    How is Jack getting along in his cast?

  7. Lynne Mac, you really have no shame!!!
    THe violinist guy is yum and i saw him on tv recently as well.
    Holly's beloved IS nice - but i am a harridan slip sliding raucously past middle age, slightly hung over sleep deprived woman, so i'll pass thank you very muchly!!!!


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