Wednesday, 4 April 2012

We made the news!

I have finally come down from the high that was last week.

Since then, Holly has been interviewed by the local paper and we, as a family, have all had our photo taken. The rest of the week was so busy that I had kind of forgotten about the article until my friend Angie sent me a text to say that Holly and Jack were on the front page!

After that, I kinda had to rush out and buy up quite a few copies. I got a bit emotional when I saw the picture of my two gorgeous kids. I am so so proud of them both. We have been through so much over the years and I had to stop myself from telling the lady at the checkout that it was my kids on the front page!

Front Page
Page 4 Picture with Diz, Holly's best pal

Page 10 Editor's comments
She was even Quote of the Week

I was getting texts the whole day about the article from friends and professionals who deal with us as a family. My dad even stole the big sign from the newspaper stand later that night as a momento! Tee hee hee.

Things are very up in the air right now. The companies that won the contracts for respite, care in the home, special needs playgroups, clubs etc have now officially taken over. As per usual, nothing has gone smoothly and the transitions are causing a lot of worry on the part of parents, especially those with children who have Autism as change, however small, can affect them badly and usually it is the child and parents who suffer the consequences. One of my friends, Moira, is particularly worried as her child will not know any of the new staff at the playscheme her son attends and there is only one member of the old staff staying on.

I am also affected because I lose my Crossroads carer Marion, who has been with us for 9 years. Also the new company Allied do not think they can provide the same kind of care that Crossroads provided. Which leaves me with no care provider for the 6 hours a week that I use to spend with Holly. Luckily there is a two month transition for this so I have been told that I may have to go down the route of Direct Payments which I really don't want to do. I already have enough to do. This people is the plight of carers. Nothing is ever simple and straightforward. Energy that you don't have is used up worrying, fighting and searching out for the right kind of support, care, education etc etc. The list is endless!

Saying all that, I refuse to get down about this. I refuse to let it take the smile off my face. It's a new month, it's a new day and I'm feeling good.


  1. Lovely that Holly is recognised and awarded for her valuable contribution to Jack's must be so proud of both Holly and Jack and you should be of yourself too and all that you do in light of the constant challenges..including this new face X

  2. Lovely post compared to what was going on around Christmas. Loved the pictures and am also so proud of Holly & Jack.

  3. Of course Allied won't be able to provide the same level of service. This really gets to me. They have quoted lower than your regular company to get the Contract, and it is you (always the case), the parents, that will pay the price. But, onto the positive news - how wonderful that you got all that press coverage in the local papers. Well done again to Holly. I was so pleased to see Dizzy getting in on the action as well. LOL!!

  4. Wow...what an achievement and fantastic news for your Holly and all of you :-) You amaze me with your positivity. I hope the change with carers etc gets easier.

    xx Jazzy

  5. How wonderful that they did such a big write up on Holly and Jack! I'd have done the same as you and gone out and bought out the newstand! :)

  6. They are definitely their Mother's children. I know how bursting with pride you must be, and please remember it is because of you - you are such a wonderful, compassionate, strong woman it is no wonder Jack & Holly are who they are. Bravo Lyndy. Congratulations.

    I bet they both feel like rock stars too! What an honor to be on the front page. I bet it was wonderful for everyone to get their morning news and instead of reading the usual doom & gloom they are greeted by your lovely children and a truly uplifting story of love, dedication and family.

    I swear I am tearing up over here. It is such a lovely thing.

    I know you and if anyone can do this and face the upcoming obstacles it is you. I know it doesn't seem fair and so hard - you really do deserve a break for goodness sakes, but I am sure there is a light there somewhere you will see soon.

    Take care and thank you for sharing you family with us. Such a privilege.

  7. ohh I loved the newspaper article, and an award for Holly!! Bravo!

    so proud to know your family :)

    aggh I hope there is some joy regarding the respite care soon.

    much love, hugs sent your way :)

  8. YAY! Wonderful News!

    So Glad that you all are doing so well!

  9. Eternal Optimist - yes I am a very proud mum, bursting with it but now so stressed over the latest development :(
    Odie - yes a happy happy post :)
    Janie Junebug - hear hear
    Thisisme - yes it sucks but that's the way it is. Diz definitely deserved to be in on the action as she had to write a piece about Holly. Happy times.
    Jazzygirl - onwards and upwards hopefully!
    Confessions of a Closet Hoarder - I so wanted to buy them all, just couldn't afford it!
    SkippyMom - you say such lovely things as always and I feel privileged to be able to read about you and your family too.
    Icedgurl - thank you :)
    IWBY - yes I am mega proud! Proud to know you too my friend.
    Kellie - whoop whoop!


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