Thursday, 12 January 2012

The light at the end of the tunnel now has been switched on, it's dim but it's there!

Hello from sunny last!

I finally had to throw my toys outta the pram, stamp my feet and literally cry my eyes out before I finally got Jack transferred out of Aberdeen.

We arrived yesterday lunch time and my boy has already caused havoc and mayhem in the short time he has been here. He has performed beautifully and shown them these really agitated moments, the sweating events and had a few seizures within a very short time of arriving.

He also added a bit more, just for fun and I was called just after midnight by the ward to say that he had an obstructed airway episode and they had called the doctors who were seeing to him as she was speaking to me. I rushed up there, heart in my mouth but it was all over and they had fitted a collar around his neck to stop his head dropping onto his chest and causing the same thing to happen again.  This morning he vomited blood and tissue just as the doctors were doing their rounds and totally traumatised myself and his Granny Mac. He went into a fit of giggles after so he obviously felt he was being quite entertaining!!!

I wanted him to show them these events but I think he has taken it a tad too far, don't you??

The doctors here are taking things very seriously and can see just by looking at him that all is so definitely not well.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I parked the car outside the hospital in Edinburgh cos I know that they will try their very best to get to the bottom of things.

So yesterday, 11th January was a good day because he got transferred to Edinburgh but it became a remarkable day when Holly called me to tell me that she had a conditional acceptance into Queen Margaret's University in Edinburgh to study acting.  I wooped and hollered down the phone and I was a very very proud mummy.  The condition is that she is 31 points short of an unconditional acceptance but that just means she has to pass one of her exams with a C grade which hopefully she will have no trouble doing.

Holly Dolz - a star in the making?

What a fantastic day yesterday turned out to be. Hope 2012 is being good to you all so far.

The only way is up my little gigglers!


  1. Glad to know that the doctors there are taking Jack seriously and I fully believe 2012 will be a great year for all of us. Loving thoughts streaming your way constantly.

  2. Hi Lynne...How wonderful you've managed to stomp enough to get Jack where he needs. I hate he's having to give real time displays of all his needs, but it does sound like he is in the right place for him and you.
    Congrats to Miss Holly...I can't wait to say, "I own shoes designed and painted by that star"!
    Great job getting everyone in the right place, now I'm praying for rest for you and great care that turns the tide for darling Jack!

  3. You are totally an inspiration to me. Prayers continuing for your sweet boy and congrats to Holly!

  4. Glad you got there and may now see an improvement.
    And Whooooo to Holly!!!!
    Which reminds me - will need to get Paul working on his HND application and no sooner has he done that, then he'll need to get his application to the conservitoire sorted!!!

  5. It made me really happy to read such a positive post from you today. Thank the Lord that Jack is now in the Edinburgh Hospital. He certainly did good with all his little tricks, didn't he?! Loved the way that he giggled afterwards. I really do pray that, finally, the Doctors there will be able to get him stabilized and that things will start improving very soon. What a time you have had of it my friend. Many congratulations to Holly. That really is fantastic news, and I just couldn't be happier for her. No wonder you are such a proud mum! Well done Holly. May all your dreams come true.

  6. Good for Jack for showing them what's up. The young man knows what he is doing and hopefully the doctors took note & Jack is no worse for the wear for "showing off". heehee [I realize how scary this must've been for you all, but at least the doctors aren't just reading charts - they got a first hand demonstration.]

    And Holly!!!!!!Wowser. So, so, so proud of her. I bet you are just popping buttons over this. Good for her! Can't wait until the unconditional comes through. So happy for you.

  7. Holly looks like a star already. What wonderful news! Good for her. It must be a huge relief to be at the new hospital. I pray God will give the doctors the insight to be able to heal Jack.

  8. Great news about Holly and delighted that Jack is finally being looked after by a medical team who seem to know what they are doing :) Also does this post mean you now have broadband, which must also be a good thing? xx

  9. Hi Lady!!! I've missed being on your blog! It's so good to hear about Holly and I'm happy they are doing something for Jack! I hope your holidays were well and that the sun keeps shining on your neck of the woods! Take care!

  10. Good news that Jack is in a better hospital. That poor boy is one tough cookie! Hooray for Holly but it's no surprise to me. She sounds like her Mom so I see nothing but a bright shining star in the making. Hugs to you and I pray there are good results for Jack very soon!

  11. Wonderful that Jack has been transfered and has already got the docs on their toes! Sure don't like the blood part tho.. Hope they get that figured out and soon!

    Fantastic for Holly! And having to get a C grade, no problem for her I'm sure!

    Take care :)

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  13. Odie - oh I hope so :)
    Sush - lol I can't wait for that either, it will be so cool to say!
    Shelly - thank you I will pass it on to her
    Julie - Yes get it in asap so that you can forget about it.
    Thisisme - yes it was a huge relief to get there and I am so so happy and proud for Holly
    SkippyMom - Yes he is definitely showing them his stuff and yep I am mega proud of my girlie
    Looking for Blue Sky - Yes I have access to a computer via the drop in centre at the hospital so I can update my blog while I am there :)
    Elle - I have missed seeing you :) Hope things are good with you too
    BB - awww thanks for those lovely words and yes I have a tough cookie and a shining star for kids, thank god :)
    Kellie - Yeah, grade C fairly attainable me thinks :)
    Anon - thanks :)


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