Sunday, 22 January 2012

Greetings from deepest,darkest Scotland

I am home at the moment for some well needed R n R.

Jack has had a better week and his pain seems to be under some sort of control. Still getting used to him sleeping with the soft collar on but I am still amazed by how much quieter his breathing is when he is using it.

Jack in Aberdeen before he became really ill

I have met some lovely people on the ward this week. Dennis is a lovely boy who has severe cerebral palsy, is blind but can speak a little. He is in the bed opposite Jack. Very apt really, two teenage boys causing mischief....Dennis the Menace and Jack the Lad. His mum Margaret is lovely as are his dad and sisters.

Dennis looks very fragile, has severe scoliosis, his limbs are permanently fixed in a bent position, is 18 but looks about 10 but despite this, he is often to be seen smiling and being cuddled by the people who love him while his favourite singer, Rod Stewart plays in the background. He has the most beautiful eyes and the longest eyelashes and his smile can brighten the darkest day.

You'd think he had been in and out of hospital a lot right? Apparently not! He has been in the hospital a week and this has been his longest stint ever. I was shocked to say the least and even more shocked when I saw the doctor go away with his clinical notes which were only about an inch thick as opposed to Jack's which look a bit like this......

and that photo was taken a year ago!

So yes, he looks more fragile than Jack but looks are very deceiving and in actual fact Jack who looks so much healthier, is actually the more fragile of the two because he has far more health problems! It just goes to prove that you should never assume anything about anyone because most likely you will be wrong.

I also met a little boy named Oscar and his mum. They were on the ward because Oscar had kicked his high chair and the side had collapsed giving him a rather nasty bump on the back of his head. He was such a little cutie. His poor mum was very stressed as this was his first major fall as he was only 7 months old and you know that the first little tumble they take is always the one that traumatises you the most.

I don't normally get to know many people when Jack is in hospital, mostly because I am so focused on him that I hardly take in my surroundings and it used to always amaze me when Granny Mac could tell me all about the other kids on the ward and what had happened to them. I would ask "so where was I when they told you that? or when did you get the chance to speak to them?" cos everywhere I went, she went!

Although I am loving being at home with my girlie, I miss Jack. The house is not the same without him and I can only go into his room for minutes at a time before I have to come back out again. Silly really but you can't help your feelings.

Holly's prelim exams start on the 1st Feb so wish her luck and rehearsals are in full swing for Joseph and his Technicolour Dream Coat so I can't wait for that in April. 

Hope you are having a good January, if not, things can only get better my friends.


  1. So many things about you put me in awe of the woman you are- your kindness, your persistence, your determination, your unconditional love, your energy, your ability to keep a positive attitude and spread love and hope to are one amazing woman!

  2. EmptyNester - aww thank you. It's just that it takes up too much time to be miserable and bitter so I try to be positive as much as I can but sometimes you just can't :)

  3. Everytime we go to the Childen's hospital it the cities, it's the same for us. We have met some wonderful families that face unique challenges. Inspiring us with their goodwill, endurance and commitment to ensuring the children are always number 1!

    Hope you get some good rest this weekend and have a lot of laughts with Holly to recharge yourself.

    So gald that Jack's pain seem is more under control. When you say the soft collar that he wears at night- I am picturing like a neck brace?

  4. Hi lyndylou. Always good when I see a blog post from you. Good luck to Holly for the 1st February, and Joseph will be great, I'm sure. It's such a super show. I've seen it several times, but still remember when Jason Donovan was very popular (when he was in Neighbours) and I took my 13 year old daughter to London to see him starring in it. I was so relieved that gorgeous Jack seems to be having his pain levels controlled now. Certainly not before time! Gosh, that's a pretty thick file of notes that Jack has. As you say, you really can never tell from just looking at someone. I did smile when Granny Mac could tell you about all the other children on the Ward!! I agree with the others - you really are an inspiration, and if anyone deserves something better, it's you my friend. I continue to pray for you all and let's hope that Jack can be home again with you very soon. Hugs.

  5. Why 'darkest' Scotland? Hope you're feeling okay, especially as Jack's current problems are dragging on so long, hopefully some progress at last. Enjoy the weekend and the best of luck to Holly xx

  6. So good to hear that you are getting some rest in your own home. That is good news. And also happy to hear that Jack seems in less pain and is comfortable. Wishing the best for Holly as always! She'll do fine I'm sure. Keep us posted on Jack's progress. Hugs and love. You are amazing!

  7. Wow...those are some notes for Jack the Lad. He is so blessed to have such a caring and loving Mom. You are an inspiration to us all Lynne! Perhaps you or you can get someone to get a video of Holly in her play...would love to see a clip!
    Hope you are getting rest and I'm glad to hear Jack's pain is under control. As my neighbor always tells me,"We are only as happy as our most unhappy child".

  8. you never cease to amaze me with your ability to be positive when you could easily go the other way and no one would fault you...

    cheers and god bless in 2012!

  9. you have such an uplifting outlook on like and you inspire me when i'm feeling sorry for my situation.

    hope jack stabilizes soon and you get some rest. good luck to Holly on her exams and the musical.

  10. Dearest lyndylou,
    Thank you very much for the update!!!
    You sure are one awesome mother. I know you might not be feeling secured away from Jack but as others said, I hope you are able to have some more rest.
    Blessing to you and all of your family, xoxo Miyako*

  11. Hugs and kisses to you and Jack and Holly and all the children in hospital.

    Janie Junebug

  12. I'm glad Jack is in a good hospital now and I hope they can do something wonderful so he can come home to you soon. You have been going through so much. When my baby Christine was in the hospital I used to go into her room and tears would come. You deserve some tears of joy one day.

    I'm sure Hollie must be delighted to have you home and it is wonderful she will be in that play. I've never seen it but everyone always says how good it is.


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