Sunday, 30 October 2011

Laugh til it hurts

At the Sick Children's Hospital in Edinburgh they have a Drop In centre where parents and siblings can go to take time out while a child is in hospital. It's a great place and they even offer free therapies such as Reflexology and Aromatherapy Massage.

I booked myself and Granny Mac in for a massage cos I felt that we were in desperate need.


Granny Mac's appointment was first so I spent time alone with Jack for the first time since he had come into intensive care,  Then the physiotherapist came to give Jack some quite aggressive physio to get him to cough up some of the gunk in his chest.

suction machine for getting up the gunk

It is quite harrowing to watch but I always stayed because I felt that he shouldn't go through it alone.

So there I was, standing at the bottom of his bed, getting quite distressed as they shoved tubes down his nose and throat when Granny Mac appeared beside me. She leaned in and whispered in a shocked voice "I had to strip off for my massage!!!".

I looked at her shocked face and I burst out laughing, Once I started, I just couldn't stop! I was bent double, hanging onto the end of Jack's bed, with tears running down my face, absolutely dying with laughter which then set off Granny Mac and the two of us couldn't speak we were laughing so hard.

I caught sight of the nurse and physiotherapist looking at me as if I'd lost the plot and that set me off again! Finally though, I was able to blurt out why I was laughing and they thought it was hilarious too,

It turns out that Granny Mac had never had a massage before in her life and when the therapist left her to take her top off, she returned to find Granny Mac standing in the middle of the room with her bra and vest still on! The poor therapist was a bit confused and said "oh, are you just going to pull that down?" and "Granny Mac said "oh do you need me to take everything off!" The therapist replied "yes if you don't mind and then lie face down on the table". Granny Mac said she didn't have a clue what was going to happen to her next!!!

I am not sure whether it was an experience that Granny Mac is likely to repeat but it sure made great blog material for me.


  1. you need those moments to keep you sane!!!!

  2. Oh poor Granny Mac - too funny! But good for you for seeing the humor.

    I hope that Jack is feeling better and improving. Praying for you everyday.

    Hugs & much love to you all.

  3. OMG poor Granny Mac, hope she felt relaxed by the end of it and thanks for sharing the laugh. Wishing Jack the very best ((hugs))

  4. I can just picture the bewildered look on Granny Mac's face!
    Laughter is soo the best medicine!

    Been thinking and hoping all was well for your Jack and the whole family. Poor guy has sure had a rough time of it lately.

    I'm glad you'll be able to get home for the weekend and do some healing up yourself - take care.

  5. oh my... bet that was funny.

    i'm glad that you're able to get some relaxation in. you deserve it.

    hoping jack is doing much better.

  6. That is really funny! I can just image the massage therapists expression! Hope you both enjoyed it. Poor Jack though. They had to do that to my Dad when he had pneumonia and it is a horrible thing to watch. My husband held his hand and talked him through it. Then he would come home and cry. There should be a more humane way to clear out that gunk. So sad. Hope he's better and home very soon! Hugs to you and keep laughing!

  7. Poor Granny Mac!! I hope that she did manage to enjoy the massage in the end. How lovely that they offer that free service to relatives, who must surely need it after all they are coping with, watching their poor children suffer. I'm so glad that you could both collapse with laughter like that, as it must have been such a release for you both! Take care and, like Skippy, pray for your gorgeous Jack every day. He really has been through so much over the past few weeks. Hugs my friend.

  8. Talk about perfect timing! I had to read down to catch up- I'm still thinking about y'all and sending as many positive vibes as I can. And if I ever find that magic wand that makes everything all better? It's yours!

  9. I almost spewed my water out from laughing. So funny! And I'm so glad you are able to take advantage of something like that. Hope Jack continues to heal.

  10. That is so funny!! And I am glad you got such a good laugh...good ole granny mac! So sorry to hear about your lil guy... I do hope they get to the bottom of his issues real soon. Meanwhile some giggles ARE good for the soul;-)

    ((xx)) Jazzy

    PS. I'm putting you on my blog roll so I can keep updated on you Jack....and in case I miss any funny stuff!

  11. About time y'all had a a big laugh around your part of the world! I'm sure Granny Mac enjoyed it more than she's one of those gifts that keep giving! I hope your massage was as enjoyable as the laugh with Granny Mac! And I'm sending prayers and hugs and love for Jack, you, Hols and everyone on Jacks team!


  12. That is exactly why I don't get massages! I'm a granny too and I don't want to get naked for anyone. It is nice they offer these services for the family though. I am praying for you all.

  13. Julie - you sure do
    SkippyMom - aye it was very funny!
    Looking for Blue Sky - I think she did but I think the laughter helped too
    Kellie - he certainly has
    Teresa - he is doing his best to get better
    Bouncin'Barb - I know it seems totally barbaric but it really does help
    Thisisme - It is such a great service and definitely helps
    EmptyNester - I am looking forward to the day you find that magic wand.
    Shelly - lol I know!
    Jazzygal - Giggles are what keeps me going at the moment!
    Sush - My massage was just ace and I ached after which showed just how tense I was.
    Belle - lol you are so right!
    Interwebs Fails - thanks

  14. oooohhh tooo least she wasnt presented with the paper undies lol


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