Monday, 3 October 2011

A better day....yipee!

My lovely boy is a lot less agitated today. He didn't need to be sedated as much which was a good thing.

Bad news is that all that lying around meant that the mucus collecting in his throat has got infected so he now has a chest infection. They have been using a nebuliser on him a few times today and I was helping the physiotherapist get some of the mucus off of his chest. To do this I had to use the suction machine while she did the physio on his chest. It helped hugely and we discussed having a suction machine at home. I don't want one. No way, no how, no when. In the end it's not my decision but I know in my heart that he is needing it more and more.

With him lying still for, at the most, 3 minutes at a time today, I was able to get a look at the bruises he'd given himself.

He was kicking one leg with the other

his ankle got a fair pounding

I don't know how he did these ones!

His knees were rubbing together as he was so agitated

My poor boy!

He is such a trooper. It took me ages to get these photos as he was wriggling about so much! He was looking at me as if to say "what is my crazy mum up to now?!" The look on his face made me laugh. With facial expressions like his, he doesn't need to talk cos I know by his face exactly what he is thinking.

He is just so gorgeous.


  1. Glad it has been a better day, Lynne and Jack put the 'g' in gorgeous X

  2. ALL are due many many better days! I do love the look Jack is giving you...I've seen that on some of my son's faces a time or two!


  3. So glad things have calmed down for Jack. And for you! And you're right, he is gorgeous!

  4. He most certainly is a gorgeous young man Lyndy. I am glad he is doing better, but that infection is frightening I am sure.

    I love the look he is giving you. Crazy Mum with the camera again. heehee

    Hope tomorrow is even better than today.

    Good thoughts, prayers and lots of hugs for you all.

  5. so glad that he is better today. hope they can get the infection under control and outta there! he is a sweetie.

  6. I'm so happy you two had a better day. Those bruises will go away soon.
    God bless you both.


  7. He really is a gorgeous boy! Beautiful eyes. Poor lad, he really has got some bruises there, hasn't he? I'm so glad that he had a slightly better day and was less agitated. Do hope that they can clear the chest infection fairly quickly. Hugs to you my friend, and prayers for Jack, your lovely boy.

  8. So happy he is a bit more settled today.
    And he is gorgeous

  9. He is truly gorgeous. I am so glad it is better for him now. I hope the chest infection clears quickly and that the bruises heal.

  10. Glad things are better and loving the photo of him x

  11. Poor little guy with all those bruises! I'm sorry he has a chest infection and hope he is better soon.

  12. Hello, Dear Lyndylou.
    So sorry that I haven't left comment. he sure is such a lovely boy, I feel so sorry for these bruises. Oh, yes Mom knows what he thinks and wants, doesn't she!!!
    Hope chest infection GO AWAY.

    Hugs to you, Orchid*

  13. Poor boy. I hope he feels a little better soon. He's lucky to have you and you are most definitely lucky to have him.

  14. Eternal Optimist - awww thanks :)
    Sush - yeah he is a pretty funny boy
    EmptyNester - me too cos I am shattered
    SkippyMom - The third chest infection is what has made them/me decide that we need a suction machine
    Teresa - I know, I absolutely adore him
    Lola - yes, hope mine go away too lol
    Thisisme - yes he has few crackers. Onwards and upwards hopefully
    Mynx - inside and out
    Shelly - just need him out of hospital now
    Looking for Blue Sky - thanks :)
    Belle - the bruises will heal thankfully
    Orchid - yes he really does just let me know by the looks he gives me
    Nari - So true :)

  15. OUCH! He sure bruised himself up. Poor fellow. Hope he gets to feeling better soon and can get home. And yes he is most handsome :)

    Don't forget to take care of yourself as well!


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