Saturday, 7 July 2012

Back to normal

I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted. So much has happened but I will save the telling of that for another day.

Suffice to say, Jack is doing well. He had his operation, his cast is off and he is now free to roam around the floor with me in hot pursuit.

Trying to change his nappy is like trying to hold down an octopus! He has gotten so tall and so strong all of a sudden that he fights me when I try to do anything that gets in the way of his exploration of my living room floor.

The other day, I was sitting on the floor in mid nappy change when he decided he was bored, rolled over practically crushing my leg and I couldn't get him to lie back down. I started shouting to Holly for help and was yelling "he's got my leg!". She came in, laughed and said "he's not a shark ya know, he's not gonna bite it off!"

That set me off into a fit of giggles and the two of us were helpless with laughter . It took two of us to hold him in place while I sorted him out. Thank god it was just a wet one or it could have gotten messy. Afterwards I felt like I had been wrestling with an Alligator...tee hee hee. Who needs the gym when you have a child like Jackyboy.

Doesn't he look so grown up all of a sudden?
I had started to relax a little after removing the large unit from the living room after he got his leg caught under it and was feeling pretty smart that I had removed all dangers. Huh! NOT SO! Granny Mac reliably informed me one day after looking after him, that she had to rescue his arm from under the sofa. AAAAHHH!  I can see me emptying the living room of all furniture at this rate and all that would be in the room would be bean bags for us to sit on. Jack would just love that, more freedom to roam. 

It is now the school holidays and they are off for 7 weeks. Eeek! I think I will have to turn to wine to get me through! Lol. Luckily I have a trip to Rachel House in August so I am looking forward to being spoilt and spending some quality time with my girlie.

My two dogs are so so happy to have me home again. Shiloh (the blonde one) has been practically trying to crawl onto my lap, every opportunity she gets. I just can't pet her enough. She has always been demanding but now she is worse than ever. When the carers who come in at night make a fuss of her, she sits there lapping it up and then she turns and give me such a look as if to say "this is how I am meant to be treated". It is hilarious to watch and usually sends me into fits of laughter. I am sure she is the dog version of Holly!

Loki and Shiloh sitting pretty
Next weekend it is my birthday and for the first time ever, Holly can come out with me to the pub. I am so excited about that! She suggested going to see Magic Mike at the cinema first so that I can be treated to half naked men before we get dolled up to go out. Oooh err! I have taught her well me thinks.

Hope all is well in your world.


  1. You've taught your daughter well indeed my friend! LOL! Really good to see you back here today, but I also think that it's lovely that so many of us bloggies are now keeping in touch through facebook as well! You're right, gorgeous Jack really is starting to look very grown up. He is still SO handsome though. It must be lovely to be home again and I do pray that Jack will not need to go back into hospital, for whatever reason, for a very long time! Take care x

  2. This was such a wonderful post Lynne and you really had me smiling when Jack had you pinned down. It is really great that sweet Holly can go with you into the pub and have some fun.
    After being retired I have spoiled my 2 dogs so much that if I leave them for 15 minutes they act like I've been gone a week. Can't imagine a life without dogs.
    Enjoyed so much the picture of your two darlings. Keep a good stock of wine and enjoy your weekend.

  3. Very glad to hear all is well in your world!

    Jack is most definately changing and growing up! Quite handsome he is! and Holly is absolutely lovely too! Funny how fast this time with our children is flying by.

    What fun it would be to go to the pub with your girl. I'm guessing the drinking age there is not 21 like it is here. That makes no sense to me. Drive at 16, join the military at 18, smoke at 19, but can't drink legally until 21.. something wrong with that in my opinion. lol

    so so nice to hear from you :) Take care

  4. You had me cracking up while reading this! Just picturing you yelling out for help is hysterical! So good to hear a happy, upbeat post from you and your birthday plans sound marvelous! Your daughter gets it from you for sure! Hugs.

  5. Your Jack sounds like a student I will have in the fall who has cerebral palsey, is blind, physically and mentally handicapped and loves to scoot. Reading your blog makes me know that it will be okay. Your birthday plans sound exciting. come visit me at

  6. You are so good and wise to keep your sense of humor in the face of adversity. Getting rid of the furniture sounds like a good idea, but I know my back would rebel if I saw on a beanbag.


  7. Great to get such a positive update :) it must be such a relief that Jack's better, though I don't think I would be removing all the furniture in a hurry! Enjoy your birthday, it's a weird feeling the first time you go for a drink with your adult daughter! Xx

  8. Missed you and really glad you and your family are doing ok.
    Jack gets more and more handsome everytime I see a pic of him

  9. So long as Jack stays away from ITU in Glasgow, i'm happy!!n Can you imagine him and Lou and the mayhem they would create?!?!?!?!

  10. Glad to see you back and reading the good news on the leg :) heh heh on the shark comment. Those dogs are tooo cute!

  11. Thisisme - Yes she is well trained! Facebook is just the best, I love it and it saved me from sending hundreds of texts when Jack was very ill.
    Odie - Yes it was really funny, Holly and I were giggling so much. I love my two dogs but you'd honestly think that they were neglected!
    Kellie - time is flying way too fast as soon it will be University time...eek. Here the legal age to drink is 18 but yet some stores wont sell alcohol to you unless you are over 21...crazy!
    Bouncin' Barb -Tee hee hee, it's always a laugh in our house.
    Linda - You will probably manage beautifully. The thing to remember is to always take their hand or stroke their face as kids like Jack, respond well to touch.
    Janie Junebug - I know beanbags are a bit extreme but I would do it if it kept him safe :)
    Looking for Blue Sky - It was weird going to the pub with Holly but fun too.
    Mynx - awww thank you, missed all you guys too.
    Julie - Jack has been given strict instructions to "bide awa" from any ITU's forever!
    Hey Monkey Butt - yes they are way too cute for their own good.


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