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The wedding

Finally I have managed to upload the photos of my friends Emma and Mark's wedding in April.  The weather in Elgin that week had been horrendous with, at times, four seasons in one day!  In fact while Holly and I were inside the camper van the night before, decorating, there was a storm of hailstones bouncing off the roof. Not good for a beach wedding!

But the next day, although it was cold, there were beautiful blue skies to be seen so I was hopeful that at least we would escape the snow.

If you are wondering why their wedding car is a camper van....then I am afraid, I am to blame as it was my idea. Mark came and asked for ideas and this is what I came up with. I thought it was cool, we just had to wait and see if Emma agreed, which she did, much to Mark's delight. Throw in my dad who owns said jalopy, in his best finery and it was a very impressive wedding car indeed.

Holly and I spent a hilarious hour decorating it especially as it was in the twilight hour before it got dark and I had forgotten to ask my dad how to put the lights on! I tired starting the car but only the lights above the driver came on, nothing else! I was frightened to touch anything else in case I drained the battery so we just fumbled around in the dark! LOL
The wedding car (with my mum's name in the number plate)
The back view
The chauffeur (my dad) with a small tipple for the happy couple

Mark getting the wedding site ready and showing me the carpet to get Jack onto the beach

When we arrived at Cullen Harbour, Mark was there preparing the site for the ceremony. He asked Holly to write his and Emma's name in the sand next to a beach towel and sunscreen. Very authentic. Then he showed me how he was going to get Jack onto the beach, using an old piece of sand coloured carpet to give the wheels some traction. When I suggested that we just watch the ceremony from the entrance to the beach, he was appalled and told me in no uncertain terms that Jack was to be included and we would get him on the beach, end of story as that's what Emma and Mark wanted. They had thought of everything and I want them to know just how much it meant to us that they went that extra mile.

There followed an absolutely hilarious 10 mins getting Jack onto the sand with the help of quite a few guests but once we were in position the rest of the guests joined us.

Mark walking Emma down to the beach

The ceremony with their names in the sand
The ceremony was beautiful. They had written their own vows and it was lovely to see them getting married at the place where Mark had actually proposed. I was quite tearful. That's saying something let me tell you as usually when I pass a wedding, I have the urge to shout out the window "don't do it!!!!" Tee hee hee

Lily the adorable flower girl and her mum Janice
Jack, chilled out dude

Back view of Emma's dress...stunning!

The chauffeur and the bride

A lovely pic of Janice, Lily, Mark, Emma and Eilidh (Emma's daughter)

Having a laugh at something I said...could it be Fakebake? lol

Jack coping a feel of Emma....I blame the hormones!
Mmmm what have we here? another young man Emma!

Maureen (in the middle) and Jess (on the right)

It may have looked gorgeous but this is how cold it actually was!

The bride and groom with the male guests in their finery

Emma, Janice and Lily....looking beautiful
And ice cream....they thought of everything!

Eilidh and Sophie hiding from the cold in the wedding car
The wedding decorations inside, we didn't make too bad a job in the dark!
Cute balloon
Arriving at the hotel

Confetti time

The kiss 
The wedding reception was lovely. The food was gorgeous and the view out of the window was stunning. I had a great time celebrating the love between two of my most deserving friends. It is obvious to anyone who sees them how much they love each other.
Cupcakes instead of wedding cake....I like 

Mark's love of tractors is included in the wedding


Lovely little touches

Wedding trivia
Doris, looking glam
The view from the hotel

Cutting the cupcake
As we were leaving the reception, I came across this car. Isn't is lovely? The man driving it was just about to cover it up for the night when we appeared. It is the Help for Heroes car which is going around the coast of Britain, raising funds. I offered him a donation in return for Emma and Mark getting their picture taken. He was happy to oblige. What a cool idea to raise money. He has a blog which is very interesting and features all the adventures in his travels. Emma and Mark feature in it too.

With the Help for Heroes car which is going around the coast of Britain
That is my car in the background. Holly and Jack are hiding behind it so that they aren't in the photo!!!

And lastly, the thank you card which I thought was so lovely.

Another nice touch.


  1. What a great time seemed to be had by all!!
    Ice cream on the beach on a cold day - i'd do that!!!
    ANd i can't quite decide which of your men looks the best - Jack or your dad!!!

  2. What a lovely blog and we had such a super day, shared with the special people in our lives. Do you know in the following two weeks there was a much publicised 'beach wedding' in England to celebrate William and Catherine's first year of marriage and Auntie Jess just wanted to contact Daybreak to say nooooo, we had the first beach wedding on the 14th in Scotland!! hee hee.

  3. The wait was so worth it Lynne. The pictures and the story were awesome. Loved it all. Today is Mothers Day so Happy Mothers Day my sweet friend.

  4. What a lovely, fun, and moving wedding! It certainly looks like a good time as had by all. Best wished to the happy couple~

  5. Hello Lynne,
    Thank You for sharing your blog with me, being just the owner of the Help for Heroes car.
    The wedding appears to have been a big success and you all had a fab time.
    I must say that I like you blog. It looks so much more interesting than mine.
    I was so lucky to turn up just as you were all passing in the car park. Another Great Idea of yours Lynne to take the photo.
    PS. For any readers interested, I completed my journey Around the Coast Roads on May 1st having driven 5017 miles.
    So far I have realised almost £5000 for Help for Heroes and had a fabulous time doing it.

  6. Absolutly wonderful - really put a smile on my face to see such a happy day in photos :)

  7. What a lovely wedding, couple, day, everything!!!!

  8. What a fantastic Wedding! I could almost smell the ocean!
    Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

    HOpe all is well with you and the kids.

  9. What a lovely wedding and I love, love her dress! It is romantic to get married where he proposed. The reception looked wonderful and I must say you and Holly looked so beautiful! You guys are very pretty. I'm glad you had a great time.

  10. Congrats to the happy couple and what a lovely wedding :)

  11. Aww...that is just so lovely! All of it. Such a special day and such fabulous photos!

    xx Jazzy

  12. was great to see a picture of you in there too :-)

    xx Jazzy

  13. I loved all the pictures you took! It seems like it was a lovely day. You and Holly looked gorgeous. I loved the use of the camper as the wedding car. Thanks for sharing :)

  14. Dearest Lyndylou,
    What a lovely wedding and lovely, happy pictures♡♡♡ Your family look all wonderful and I like the costume of the chauffeu (your father) as well.
    Lots of Love and many Hugs to you from east, xoxo Miyako*

  15. Hi LyndyLou. Sorry I'm late! Well, Frank has certainly raised a tremendous amount of money for Help for Heroes. Well done to him. The photos are great, and doesn't Jack look fantastic! Quite the handsome young man. You and Holly look gorgeous of course, but that goes without saying! I agree with Belle, that that is so romantic to actually get married where the groom proposed. Lovely idea, and I love the cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. So much better!! Thanks for sharing this very happy day with us all. Hugs.


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