Thursday, 22 March 2012

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I can't believe that March is nearly over. It has been a manic few weeks. I seem to have so few hours in the day to myself and from the moment Jack gets home after school it's full on busy busy busy.

There are lots of changes going on. My overnight care for the month is now over and I am down to 4 nights a week which is ok and I think I will manage with that. I am losing my Crossroads carer Marion, who has been with us for the past 9 years because the contract was up for tender and it was won by another company.

Lots of changes at the respite unit Jack goes to as well for the same reason and I am sad to see that one of the Managers, Gill, is moving on too as another company have won the contract for the service, which was stupidly split into two separate contracts. Huge upheavals all round.

I will miss them both as they have been a huge part of our lives but they aren't leaving totally as I think of them as friends so they wont be getting away that easy!

Jack still continues to astound me. My boy has been up on his knees without support for the first time in over 3 years. When I get him out of his chair and onto the floor, I can no longer expect him to be in the same position for more than 5 mins as he has other ideas and makes his way around the room by rolling or pulling himself up onto his knees. It is a delight to watch but also very stressful as he is on continuous feed during the hours of 2pm to 7pm and so I have to chase him around the room, untangling him from his feed pump hoping and praying that he doesn't pull out his jejunoscopy tube which would be a disaster!

I could take the easy option and just leave him in his chair but who wants to sit in a chair for 5 hours?

This was Jack on Sunday. 1st time he's worn his protective helmet in 3 years!

It's Jack's birthday and he is 14 today. After what we have been through the last few months I can honestly say that I never thought he would make it to this day. He is such a fighter and the hero in my life.

Holly is delighted to have us both home. I knew things were back to normal when I walked out of my bedroom the other morning as she was walking out of the bathroom. She took one look at me and let out such a blood curling scream that I nearly pooped myself!!! As I hung onto the bedroom door, clutching my heart, she shouted at me for giving her a fright! Geez I know most people don't look good in the morning but surely I am not that hideous.

I swear that my children are trying to shorten my lifespan.

About half an hour later, I was nipping into the bathroom as Holly was heading down the stairs. Just for fun, I came to the bathroom door and let out a blood curdling scream to which Holly nearly jumped her own height (which is quite far, let me tell you), clutched her heart and promptly burst into tears! All I could do was howl with laughter while she ranted and raved about how NOT funny I was. I laughed so much, I cried and thank god I was close to the bathroom cos I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself!!!!

Aaaah revenge is just brilliant and highly entertaining don't you think???

I have been hobnobbing at one of two award ceremonies I am attending this week. Get me, eh? But I will save that for another post as I have a birthday tea to organise so I'd better get off my butt and get going!

Plus it's a beautiful day here in sunny sunny Scotland and I really should be out there enjoying it. Take care my little gigglers.


  1. Good to hear such wonderful news! Happy birthday to sweet Jack!

  2. I am so happy for Jack and it is awesome seeing him on his knees after all he's been through. I do worry about that tube coming out but I am sure you are right there with him as he moves around.
    You had Linda & I chuckling at the antics of you and Holly and imagining you laughing so hard you nearly had an accident. Hopefully today has been filled with joy and laughter celebrating Jack's 14th B/D. Big hugs to all 3 of you sweet friends.

  3. Hi dear Lynne, so good to read this post and, of course, a big happy birthday to your hero, that gorgeous Jack. Isn't it amazing what he is doing now, after all his wee body has been through over the few months. As you say, he is a real hero. I really do pray that this coming year will be a much kinder one to him, and to you and Holly of course. I can always rely on you to make me smile when you tell the tales about you and Holly. Yep! Things are back to normal!! Hope to see some photos of the birthday tea. It's sad that you are losing those Carers that have been with Jack for so long and no him so well. I very much hope that their replacements will be as good and that you can get on with them. Hugs to you my inspirational friend!

  4. Always wonderful to see you Lyndy! And Jack is doing fantastic isn't he! Look at him go. I bet he takes great delight in having you have to chase him down. Cheeky boy!

    I hope that he has a fabulous birthday. The big 14! Time really flies and they grow so fast don't they?

    As for scaring your poor daughter - bad Mommy, bad. heehee I would've cried too. My brother used to do that on a daily basis and I never got used to it. Always scared the behoohoo out of me. I won't let the kids do it now.

    Enjoy Jacks's tea. :D

  5. So glad to hear Jack is getting better! :o)

  6. Loved seeing you had a new post out! And one with such a wonderful sight as Jack up and moving! That boy of yours is soooooo strong! After all he's been through to meneuver all over the room and to keeping you chasing him :)

    Had a good giggle myslef picturing you had Holly scaring each other.

    Glad you are all well!

    Happy 14th to Jack! A great day inded.

  7. If I look up mom of the year, I'm sure I'd see a picture of you. You are amazing! Your positivity is unending. You are the best mom EVER! Happy Birthday to Jack!

  8. Happy Birthday, Jack! I laughed about you frightening Holly and then gaining your sweet revenge. What a great mom you are. Of course Jack doesn't want to sit in a chair for five hours, but most moms would say, Sit there anyway. You are amazing.


  9. A wonderful Happy Birthday to Jack! He deserves a huge celebration after all he's been through. So do you! He really is full of surprises isn't he? Must get it from his mama! Love how you and Holly get along and laugh. So great. Enjoy the birthday. Hugs.

  10. I know it's extra work, but it must be great that Jack is on the move: much like my dd :)xx

  11. That is wonderful news about Jack getting around and that it is his birthday! Happy Birthday to him. You sound happy and relaxed, which is a great thing after all you and your family has been through. Holly must be so happy too. It is funny how you two scared each other!


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