Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas my arse!

LOL. Do you like the title of this post? One of my best friends gave me a Christmas card with that on the front and it made me howl with laughter cos basically, I couldn't have put it better myself.

Jack is still in hospital and I have spent the last two weeks arguing with doctors who have refused to keep on top of his pain. Finally they have decided that he needs an operation for a Fundoplication (tightening of the lower oesophagus where it enters the stomach) and a Jejunoscopy where they fit a feeding tube into his gut, bypassing the stomach. At the moment he has a temporary feeding tube.  They told me yesterday that they can't slot him in for these operations until 11th January, 3 weeks away!

I was told that there are other people on the waiting list before him and I argued that as they were well enough to be at home and Jack was not, surely he would jump the queue. No such luck.

Does this look like a well boy to you???  Jack getting an EEG.

Apparently it is not that straight forward as Jack may well need Intensive Care nursing after the operation so they have to make sure that there is space. As Aberdeen Children's Hospital does not have an intensive care ward that would mean transferring him to another hospital. So I suggested they just transfer him to Edinburgh now so that he doesn't have the trauma of the journey, post operation.  That way, he would be fast tracked and it would also mean that I wouldn't miss out on the long awaited appointment Jack has with the back surgeon in Edinburgh on the 18th January.

Plus I couldn't stand the thought of staying another 3 weeks in that bloody hospital so this morning I lost the plot with the doctors (once again!) and "threw my toys outta the pram".

The result being that Jack was taken back down to HDU as they decided he might have another chest infection and needed more intensive nursing and he is being transferred to Edinburgh at the start of next week or sooner if his condition deteriorates.

So it looks like we will finish the year with a bang, the same way we started the year.

I finally resigned myself on Monday to the fact that having Jack home for Christmas was not going to be an option so I booked us into a hotel for the weekend, close to the hospital and that means we can be close to him but have somewhere a bit more luxurious to go to at the end of the day. My sister (in law) Jacqui will be joining us, as will my lovely lodger, Diana.

If all else fails, it's good to have a back up plan.

In the end, it's not where you are, it's who you are with that counts.

Guy, one of the nurses, looking very festive!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, where ever you are.


  1. You and Jack are survivors and can seem to come out of anything with your head above water so to speak. You really amaze me and at the same time I feel so sorry for both of you having to deal with idiots that seem to lack compassion. I hope the transfer goes well and you get settled in to the nicer lodging. Know we will be thinking about you both and praying for you.
    Loving Hugs,

  2. If anyone has the absolute right for that title post it is you all. And still, you can write it with a wee sense of humor ["threw my toys out of the pram" - made me laugh. I would've written "then I smacked the doctor right up side the head." Yeah, doesn't sound so charitable.]

    I am so glad that you will have a quiet, relaxing setting with people you love and still be able to see Jack. No one wants to be in the hospital, especially for the holidays, but it just seems to be the best place for him now. I am puzzled how they didn't figure this out sooner or why they won't move up his surgery. We will all continue to send prayers and good thoughts, hoping that it gets better, MUCH better soon.

    Hugs and love our friend. We're thinking of you.

  3. Odie told me you were having trouble with the doctors and he was right. I can't believe they would let others ahead who were at home go ahead of Jack. He obviously needs the operation more than them. I'm glad they are transferring him soon.

    You and Jack are having a terrible Christmas. I've been thinking about Holly too. I'm so very sorry. What can I say? I can only hope and pray Jack will improve and the doctors at the other hospital can help him.

  4. It's great to get an update Lynne, but so sorry that the news isn't better. You were absolutely right to demand that he be moved - so often you get what you need only by shouting the loudest! It shouldn't have to be that way. Hope the hotel spoils you rotten over Christmas xxxx

  5. Oh, dearest Lyndylou
    Still Jack is not in good condition and need an operation.
    I am thinking all of you and sending you prayers!!!
    As Belle said and with my vocabulary, I cannot say well; which irritates me.
    Blessing to you, xoxo Orchid**

  6. I wish you a Merry Christmas, too, but it's a load of crap that you have to get upset to make people do what they should do anyway. My best to you and Jack. Hugs and kisses to your dear boy. May your journey be peaceful.


  7. Oh, I forgot to tell you I love the post title. I think I'll go around saying it to everyone I see.

    Love again,
    Still Lola

  8. Love the title of the post....and it sounds like it is very appropriate right now. I have been thinking of you all over there and sending lots of positive energy your way. Hopefully, you will get a moment to enjoy Christmas as much as possible given the and lots of hugs to you!!

  9. Happy Christmas to you as well!

    Poor ol' Jack sure has had a hell of a time.

    I hope the best for your family this holiday Lyndy. Take care.

    Hugs from across the pond :)

  10. What a bummer! I just thought of Jim Royale when i saw the title of your post!!!!!
    If you've read my recent blog, make sure you hang that shining star high - it'll get you home

  11. So sorry to hear that Jack is still so unwell. Good to see your humour still intact, that will keep you going! (I do realise it's hard though ;-)

    I hope Santa brings you LOTS of that you continue to throw them out of the pram when needed! Good on ya!

    I'm glad you've given yourselves some level of comfort this Christmas. Enjoy, as best you can.

    xx Jazzy

  12. Hi LyndyLou - I can't tell you how upset I am that you are STILL having this trouble with those b..... doctors! What planet are they on? I thought they were supposed to alleviate suffering. I was so praying that Jack would be home with you and Holly for Christmas, but it was obviously not meant to be. I'm glad you have booked yourself into the hotel. Hospitals aren't very good places at the best of times, but the length of time you have been stuck in one, and especially at this time of the year, is just awful for you. All I can do now is to pray that 2012 will be a much better one for you all. Loved the title of your post by the way! Hugs x

  13. so true...

    who is more important than where...

    you amaze me.

    i would have prolly killed someone by now...

  14. I absolutely detest hospitals. And doctors. And most nurses. I don't know how you do it- well, I guess it's that you HAVE to do it. I keep you and Jack in my thoughts and prayers. Give him a little hug from me and then have someone give you a hug from me too!


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