Friday, 12 July 2013

Make A Wish.....cos dreams really do come true.

So much has happened to us this year that I am struggling to put it all into words.

Jack being in hospital was so stressful and emotionally draining that I didn't really think I had any energy for anything more. In the last two years he has scared the living daylights out of me. This time was more intense and much scarier. This time, I really thought I had lost him.

Getting him home was my only goal and once there, keeping him well. I had something amazing to look forward to but I had shoved it to the back of my mind cos I didn't dare believe it would happen.

In hospital, Holly kept telling him "it's ok if you aren't well enough to go to Euro Disney, we will be quite happy to chill at home" and she meant it, though both of us crossed our fingers, toes, get the picture.

The first week home was a nightmare as he was still not great but after that we didn't look back. He didn't bounce back like before which was worrying but not surprising. This time I had to take baby steps and not rush him.

I kept him at home for the first two weeks before tentatively trying him back at school part time. It went well and even though he was quite tired after, my gorgeous boy was getting happier and brighter by the day.

My boy was back and I felt like my heart was gonna burst. He really is such a wee warrior.

It was then and only then that I began to get excited about going to Disneyland Paris. This was no ordinary holiday though, as this was Jack's wish being granted by Make A Wish, UK.

The week before we were due to go, Jack's wish granter, Vicky, was on the phone finalising everything and then we had to wait for the Wish pack to arrive. When it did, I was completely blown away! They had thought of everything...from a crelling harness for the plane, paying for my parking at the airport, letters for the cabin crew, right down to spending money for Jack. I was blubbering within minutes of reading it all!

That's when the countdown began. Numerous texts back and forth to my friend Kathy, telling her how many sleeps we had left til we were off on our adventure! I was full of childlike glee. We had paid for Kathy to come with us, as we knew that in order to enjoy the time with Jack, Holly and I were going to need some help.

The morning of the trip, I honestly couldn't tell you who was more excited!! Poor Jack was dragged outta bed at stupid o'clock so that we could be on the road for 8am, which didn't happen but hey the intention was there!

Jack and I on the plane. He already has his eye on the guy's seat in front of him.

The flight was uneventful but Jack's wheelchair got damaged by the baggage handlers. Once we got him back into his wheelchair one of them just handed me the foot rest like it was a spare part we didn't need! When I said "no way, you broke it, so you fix it!" he then got a hold of another guy who stuck his screw driver into the side of the wheelchair and shrugged his head. Meanwhile I am frantically rummaging in Jack's bag for the allen key which is usually kept there but then I had a flashback of me removing it just in case I was stopped at customs with it. Aaaah!

Next thing we were being whisked off to an Air France desk where the drama continued. They had the ingenious idea of giving us the borrow of a new wheelchair which they planned to deliver to our hotel, later that day. When I asked would the new wheelchair have all the harnesses and straps on it that Jack's had they said yes but with a look on their face that said no! Turned out "no" was the correct answer. Meanwhile our transport to take us to Disney was waiting patiently so our escort went out to them, to let them know what was happening before he took Kathy and Holly out with all the bags.

Once they had gone, I demanded that they just tape the damn thing on, give me more tape just in case and let me go on my way. My Disney clock was ticking and I was getting pissed off cos we were missing valuable time. Jack, who was obviously bored by all the drama, slept through it all!

Once we got to the hotel, I started to relax a bit. We quickly got Jack changed and headed out for some fun.

Much later, with the bags unpacked, Jack medicated and asleep, I was rummaging in Jack's wheelchair bag again and hey presto...I pulled out the elusive allen key. I let out a yell of triumph, looked up to see Kathy and Holly staring at me in amazement before they both fell over laughing, spluttering that "if you had found it at the airport then we wouldn't have had so much drama!" I just stuck my tongue out at them! Smart arses!

Jack's first view of our room.
The rest of the holiday was like that. Holly and Kathy had to look after all the money, tickets etc as I had so much stuff to remember to do with Jack that I became incapable of doing anything else, much to the amusement of those two. It's fair to say that I wasn't safe to be in charge!

Jack and I having a wee cuddle.
We had so much fun that at one point I nearly peed myself laughing! When I said that out loud, Jack started giggling. That boy is more switched on than we know!

Wearing his new Buzz Lightyear Hoodie.

Toy story fun.

Waiting for the parade to start.

Cuddling up to Simba.

I bought a new camera at the airport but it never made it out of the box cos I guarantee I would have lost it. I was so scatter brained! I am sure I left the house with my brain intact but you wouldn't have known it.  Keeping tabs on my mobile was stressful enough! Thankfully Holly and Kathy managed to capture the smiles and giggles.

Jack was a completely different boy when we were there. He was taking everything in, was animated, smiley, happy and full of giggles. It was a beautiful sight after all he had been through. It brought tears to my eyes.

Loving all the bright lights.

On the Tram Tours ride,

Even the rain didn't stop him from smiling.

With the Chipmunks at a character lunch.

I got chatted up by a French man called Larry! lol He asked me if I only had two children and when I said yes he said "no I think you are going to have 4 kids, there are two still in your stomach so when are we making them??!!!"  I hadn't really heard him but I knew by Holly's reaction that she wasn't impressed! Kathy and I just fell about laughing when she explained what he had said to me while Holly ranted on about there being "no more babies, where are you going to put them, there's no room cos I still technically live at home!" The more she ranted the more we laughed.

On our last night it was Kathy's turn to get admired. This time there were no words spoken just the guy looking her up and down, undressing her with his eyes, mouth hanging open complete with primal animal sounds. We laughed so hard I thought I wasn't going to get breath! Think it made her night.

It was only a short holiday but boy did we pack it in. Make A Wish paid for us to see Buffalo Bill's Wild Wild West Show and have lunch with the Disney characters which was such a laugh. All the characters were so gentle with Jack who was lapping up all the attention, smiling and giggling.

At Disney  Studios

Goofing around.

More silliness.

Jack with his fellow super heroes.

Laughing at his mum.

It's Mickey time.

Jack has his eye on those whiskers.

Captain Jack.

Kathy modelling her Tigger hoodie.

Check these two out.


Windswept and interesting.

Cutie pie.

One of the musketeers!

We were only away for 4 days but as it was quite physically and emotionally demanding, it was more than enough time away.

On the way back to the airport, our driver went out of his way to be so helpful. He was such a star. Once again Air France let us down. Our special assistance to get on the plane didn't arrive even though it had been booked and discussed at the check in desk. The ladies at the boarding desk were less than helpful and by the time someone came to help, the entire plane was already boarded and we were last on. As you can imagine, it was a bit stressful, especially since there was no one there to help us.

Holly and our lovely driver.
Once we were on the plane though, we had a good laugh about it cos really what else is there to do? No way was it going to ruin what had been a great time all round.

I have flown with Air France before and the exact same thing happened so I should have expected it.

We didn't arrive home until 10.30pm and it took three of us to get Jack ready for bed and draw up his meds. I think I finally fell into bed at midnight.

It was a few days before I came down off of my high. Thank you Make A Wish for a memory which we will cherish forever.


  1. What a lovely trip and you all look as if you are enjoying .
    Alas, Air France - what can I say that is polite.
    Nought, so i'll shut up.
    BA are great, but it all adds to the story.

    1. Yeah I couldn't let Air France spoil it for airports go Charles de Gaulle is crap!

  2. I started crying over at Facebook from that one picture alone, and I am still crying. With goose bumps from the loveliness and HAPPINESS of this entire post and JACK'S SMILES.

    Breathtaking girl. Just breathtaking.

    Jack [and you and Holly] is an inspiration to us all. I know I am going to spend many an hour coming back to this post again, and again just to gaze upon his beautiful face and the smiles of y'all.

    I could NOT BE HAPPIER right now if I tried. I AM SO, SO HAPPY FOR YOU.

    YAY For Make A Wish UK. And Disney. And all of you.

    MUCH Love and hugs, xo Skippy

    1. I feel like that all the time just now Janine. Sometimes I think my heart is gonna burst with all the feelings that I have for this boy. He fights so hard to stay with us and all I can do is be grateful for every day that he blesses us with xxx

  3. Sounds like it was an amazing trip and that you guys made some great memories...

  4. How absolutely wonderful!!! What a great time for the family! Jack and HOlly have sure grown and look so happy! Glad to know you all are well, been thinking about you all. Hope your summer continues to be fantastic :)

    1. It was truly amazing. We are doing well and hoping it continues throughout the summer :)

  5. Fantastic post and so happy you guys got to guy after that horrendous year you had. Jack sure showed that beautiful smile a whole lot and the pictures of you, Holly and your friend were priceless. I can't say enough what a beautiful and loving family you have!! Hugs to all XX

    1. Thank you Barb. I am so hoping that the worst is over for a long while now x

  6. I am so happy for all of you. Your smiles say it all.


    1. Thanks Janie, I just couldn't help smiling x

  7. I'm so glad that you all had such a wonderful time, especially with what a stress the first part of 2013 has been for you. It's brilliant to see some of the photos and see not just Jack looking so giggly and smiley, but you, Holly and Kathy too!

    I look forward to seeing the rest of the snaps - and all of you guys - when I see you in a couple of weeks!

    Lots of Love,
    Georgia xxxx

    1. Georgia it was just the best! You know, as you saw Jack in Edinburgh, what a transformation those smiles are to how ill he had been. Can't wait for you to visit x

  8. It looks like such a great trip - just a shame they broke the wheelchair on the way! I'm glad it didn't stop you from enjoying yourselves :)

    1. It sure was, a trip of a lifetime x

  9. Lovely, Caring and Loving (to your sweet son) Lindy,

    I visit your blog daily, and have worried about you and Jack because of the infrequent blog posts you've made recently. I'm pleased to read this, your latest one.

    You and Holly are amazing ladies that anyone must admire for what you do and how you do it.

    Kudos, and thanks, to Make A Wish, UK for its good work with Jack and others.

    Kathy is another hero in this saga.


    1. Awww Don, you say the loveliest things x

  10. That is awesome! There's a whole lot of happy going on there. And, I bet you are right that there is a whole lot more going on there than you think. I'm always amazed by the strength of kiddos with disabilities.

    1. He is such a super hero and those smiles were melting my heart x

  11. This is so wonderful and Jack's happiness is just so precious, like sunshine.
    So happy you got to do this together

    1. It was a long time coming Mynx but when it did, it was so worth it! x

  12. Fabulous photos. Glad you had such an amazing time (Air France aside!) You all deserved it xx

    1. Yes it was great. Nothing could spoil it x

  13. Fabulous photos. Glad you had such an amazing time (Air France aside!) You all deserved it xx


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